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Tree - Using multiple trees

Starting today Overview supports multiple trees for each document set. That is, you can tell Overview to re-import your documents — or a subset of them — with different options, without uploading them again. You can use this to:

  • Focus on a subset of your documents, such as those with a particular tag or containing a specific word.

  • Use ignored and important words to try sorting your documents in different ways.

You create a new tree using the “New Tree” link above the tree:

new tree

This brings up a dialog box that looks very similar to the usual import options. You can name the tree (good for reminding yourself why you made it) and set ignored and important words to tell Overview how you want your documents organized in this tree. You can also include only those documents with a specific tag.

To create a tree that contains only words matching a particular search term, first turn your search into a tag using the “create tag from search results” button next to the search box.

Tags are shared between all of the trees created from a document set. That means when you tag a document in one tree, it will be tagged in every other tree. You can try viewing your documents with different trees, tagging in whatever tree is easiest to use.

After you create a tree, you can get information about what you created by clicking the little (i) on the tab for that tree:

tree info