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Search in your fields

If you’ve added metadata fields to your documents, rejoice: now you can search them!

I’ll set metadata on two documents for a quick demonstration:

I've set metadata on this document....

I’ve set metadata on this document….

I… And then I set metadata on this second document….

… And then I set metadata on this second document….

Now, I can search these new fields by prepending [Field Name]: to the search:

Search can now include custom fields

Search can now include custom fields

Here are the subtle rules. Consider them an addendum to our previous search syntax blog post:

  • Date:2015-11-08 will match all documents containing the phrase “2015-11-08” in the “Date” field (assuming you created a “Date” field).

  • date:2015-11-08 will not match any documents in this example. (Field names are case-sensitive.) “Full Name”:John Smith lets you specify a field name with spaces. (Field names with spaces or parentheses must be quoted.)

  • Author:Adam H* will search for any phrase starting with “Adam H” in the “Author” field. (All usual search syntax works on metadata fields.)

  • Be wary when your field names clash with Overview’s built-in names. text:Overview and title:Overview continue to search the actual documents’ texts and titles, not any “text” or “title” metadata fields you may have added. If you have a metadata field named “text“, you can force a metadata search by quoting the field name: for instance, "text":Overview.

  • We search all metadata the same way we search document text: we ignore punctuation, and don’t support number or date comparisons (e.g. “search for all documents with a Date within the past year”.)