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Getting Started

Overview lets you dive through the clutter and get to the core of what you need to research.

If you have a set of documents that you want to organize, analyze and extract insights from, upload them to Overview and explore.

To get started, open Overview in another tab.

1. Create an account and log in

You can create an account from the front page. It’s free!

2. Upload your document set

Click on Upload files in the left-hand menu (under Create a document set).

Drag your files onto the Upload Files box.

In this example text, we use a document set consisting of Shakespeare’s sonnets. We found this data set on the Folger Shakespeare Library in the form of a single PDF document. (It’s the first download option on the page.)

Once the upload is complete, click Done adding files. This opens the Import Options dialog.

Now we need to decide what counts as a “document”. If you uploaded a folder full of Word documents, then each file is a document. But in our Shakespeare example, we only uploadeded one PDF file. Each sonnet appears on a different page; So for this Shakespearean example, select Each page is one document.

Click Import documents to create the document set.

3. Enjoy your Word Cloud

The Word Cloud shows the most common words in the document set.

Click a word to see the entries that contain that word. Here, we found all sonnets containing the word, “thy”.

To read a document, click it. It will open in the right-hand side of the page.

4. Use Search to find specific words

Overview has powerful Search functionality.

Searching lets us cut through the clutter and find the documents that are most relevant to us. Here, we have found only three sonnets containing the word, “woman”.

But we found six sonnets that contain the word, “man”.

Refer to the full search syntax for help with search.

5. Contact us with questions

If you have any questions about Overview, please contact us at

We’ll be happy to help!